We are probably just like you!


Series Q is group of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and their colleagues across the startup ecosystem. This includes entrepreneurs, investors, wannabe founders, those who work in high-growth startups, entrepreneurs who have had a successful exit, and new founders who have recently taken the plunge.

Bringing us together is a desire to learn, build new connections and get inspiration from like-minded individuals.

We enable startups, many of which are too small to sustain internal LGBTQ+ affinity groups, to provide a forum for their LGBTQ+ people to connect.

Our mission is to empower LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and their colleagues across the startup ecosytem. We do this in three ways:

VISIBILITY - being active and open, so people entering the startup world can be confident as their authentic selves

CONNECTIVITY - facilitating introductions both in-person and online

INSPIRATION - creating quality content that celebrates success

Based in London, we welcome members from all over the UK and beyond.

We commit to being inclusive of all peoples within the LGBTQ+ community and championing entrepreneurship across all industries.