How not to f**k up
Wednesday 25th September 2019

Google Campus, London

While it is a cliché to say that we learn more from our mistakes than our successes, it is also an absolute truth that virtually every entrepreneur will swear by.

Perhaps it is was that badly targeted Google ad campaign that you forgot to cancel and cost you £100/day. 

Perhaps it was spending a bit too much money on a flashy office and a bit too little on your product. 

Perhaps it was just a bad idea that you realised too late. 

Whatever the error, there is a lesson to be learned.

It is often said that founders have an average of two startup failures before their first success. To celebrate this truth, Series Q is excited to present an evening dedicated to f**k ups and failures, with top tips to help you minimise mistakes of your own.

Join us at Series Q: How not to f**k up to discuss and explore what you can do to avoid multiple failures before your ultimate success. 

Wednesday 26th June 2019

Huckletree Shoreditch

In startup life, we all have countless actions, ideas, decisions and responsibilities to juggle. Even if a day was twice as long, we'd still want a bit more time.

Sometimes it feels like we need superhuman powers if we're going to ace the working day.

If you'd like some, join us for Series Q: Superpower! where we explore the strategies, life hacks and quick fixes that entrepreneurs use to optimize their lives.

We'll talk about managing the constant ambiguity that comes with building a start-up: how to make decisions on the basis of incomplete facts and when to make decisions using instinct. We'll talk about how to balance work with social life and wellness, without overloading yourself. We'll also look at strategies to keep yourself accountable when you're flying solo.

Join us at Series Q: Superpower! to discuss and explore these daily mental health challenges as we progress through our lives as entrepreneurs.

People Power
Wednesday 10th April 2019

Google Campus, London

Hustling. Inspiring people with your vision. Convincing people to work for free. Motivating groups of freelancers or volunteers who may not have any long-term obligations to you.

Such people issues are a constant feature of startup life.

At our April event, we'll spend 30 minutes learning from two London-based founders, Allie Fleder and Rob Curtis. They will share their best leadership tips and help you convince others to help you out. We'll follow this with some facilitated networking with fellow LGBTQ startup people, and drinks.

Our venue will be the recently revamped Google for Startups Campus in Shoreditch. We can't wait to check it out!


Celebrating Success
Thursday 29th November 2018

Microsoft Reactor

The Series Q community is amazing. That's all of you! We're blown away by the stories of entrepreneurship in this community we share. Each year we dedicate our end-of-year bash to celebrating your successes.

Join us for a seasonal drink on Thursday 29th November in the awesome space at Microsoft Reactor with 120 other LGBTQ+ professionals and friends for an end-of-year celebration.

Five entrepreneurs from the Series Q network will share their stories of entrepreneurial success over the past year, giving inspiration and advice to us all as we prepare for even more success in 2019.

The Journey of an Entrepreneur: A Woman's Perspective
30th October 2018

Capital Group

Join GWN, Series Q, LWT and OiT-Women, for an evening with an inspirational panel of women-identified entrepreneurs, discussing their experiences, as founders and co-founders, at the different stages of their business. From startups to scale ups to successful exits, expect to hear the highs and lows, the challenges they faced and gain practical advice to help you on your journey.

Pitch Perfect
25th September 2018

Beyond, 75 Bermondsey St, London SE1 3XF

Series Q is back, pitches! Beat the post-Summer blues and join us for an exciting evening of everything pitch-related: presenting an idea, general public speaking know-hows, tales of horror and lessons learned, tailoring the message to your audience, fundraising (eek) and general 'become-better-at-communicating' insights.

Doing Good Business
30th May 2018

(Mindspace, 114 Whitechapel High Street,  London E1 7PT )

At Mindspace Aldgate, we discussed how to balance business, the hard reality of cash, and the drive to do social good. We explored social entrepreneurship and discuss how your business can play a role in changing the world. 

When we think about entrepreneurship, our minds often think about profit and IPOs. But many of the startups that have the most impact aren’t remotely interested in either.

Our panel included Jaime Noain Larrinaga and Luciana Carvalho Se.

From Idea To Success with James Eder
28th March 2018

(Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5ED)

In 2005, James Eder founded website Student Beans aged 22, alongside his brother Michael. 12 years later Student Beans has gone from an idea to a brand recognised globally for its student offers and discounts. Known today as The Beans Group, the business now also encompasses Voxburner, a youth events & insights consultancy. The company employs a team of over 50 people and continues to recruit and grow. James is also the founder of Kentish Cluster alongside Camden Cluster an initiative to bring local businesses and people together in London. James is a passionate helping people realise their potential and is a regular speaker at conferences, schools and universities on subjects including marketing, entrepreneurship and building a brand. 

Building on his experiences, James’s latest venture Causr.co is all about connecting professionals on the go. Now live on both the Apple & Google Play store - being hailed as a game changer in social, an innovative way to connect with people and maximise opportunities that surround us every day.

Helping bring a different perspective James will leave you with some tangible ideas and examples of what you can do to make a difference and how a bit of innovation can go a long way. The session will include a story of the entrepreneurial journey so far as well as a number of exercises to really get you in action and thinking.

Drinks and food were kindly provided by our friends at the Institute of Directors.


29th Nov 2017

(WeWork Moorgate, 1 Fore St Ave, London EC2Y 9DT)

The Series Q community is amazing - that's all of you! We have founders, investors, wannabe entrepreneurs, people who play critical roles at startups, students, tech professionals and more!

We conducted a member survey and were blown away by some of the stories of entrepreneurship within this community we share, so we dedicated our final event in 2017 to 'Celebrating Success'.

Five entrepreneurs from the Series Q network shared their stories of entrepreneurial success, giving inspiration and advice to us all as we prepared for even more success in 2018. Thank you Laura Willoughby MBE, Tom Hewitson, Tuvia Borok, Michael Othen & Jennifer Yong!

Drinks were kindly provided by our friends at WeWork.

27th Sep 2017

(UBER, Aldgate Tower 2 Leman St E1 8FA)

We know it's hard. Whether we're raising money for a charitable organisation or raising our first round, LGBT+ entrepreneurs face the same hurdles as everyone else in raising the capital we need to build our businesses. Or do we?

In 2016, StartOut released startling research which shows that 37% of LGBT+ entrepreneurs are not out to their investors, yet 100% of investors think good personal rapport is important in considering whether they invest. So, aside from the usual imposter syndrome, bad pitch decks and fuzzy ideas about what it is our businesses are actually designed to do, are we having trouble being our best selves when we step in front of investors?

Drinks, food and venue were proudly provided by Uber.

6th July 2017

(Second Home Spitalfields, 68-80 Hanbury Street)

On Thursday 6 July, Series Q turned one. To celebrate, we hosted one epic party at the place where it all started, Second Home.

And epic it was - free-flowing drinks, all you can eat food and a keynote conversation with Antonia Belcher.

We also provided an update on where we saw Series Q could be going over the next year, and as always, our 'Connecting' segment of the evening will ensure everyone leaves the evening with new people they can add on LinkedIn.


Antonia is a titan in the property industry, with 40+ years experience in construction and property, co-founding MHBC in early 2007. She transitioned in 2000 in an extremely male-dominated industry, where there were no visible role models to identify with. In addition to her business, she campaigns for LGBT+ and women’s rights in the construction industry.

She has been recognised three years running as one of the OUTstanding/Financial Times Top 100 LGBT+ Business Executives, in 2014, 2015 and 2016, recognising her commitment to creating a fair and inclusive workplace, and was in 2016 recognised as one of the City's most inspiring women in the City A.M. Power 100 Women List, being one of the 10 women listed in the property section.

On the Importance of Being Honest
17th May 2017

(Wayra, 20 Air Street, London)

At its core, Series Q is designed to demonstrate that success and authenticity are not mutually exclusive. Over its first year, we've introduced successful LGBT+ entrepreneurs from all walks of life who have built successful businesses while living openly and authentically.

In order to live openly and authentically, though, we have to challenge our own views of the world. How do we define the values by which we live? How do we become leaders who nurture talent and get the best out of people? Do we have our own unconscious biases that are holding us back from achieving greatness?

For "On the Importance of Being Honest", we sat down with two accomplished women who pushed us to confront our own limitations.



Sasha has a degree in psychology, is a qualified behavioural coach and studied counselling at the London School of Economics. Her company, Inclusive Group, are market leaders in the delivery and development of unconscious bias, diversity and inclusivity initiatives within the workplace. She is an international thought-leader on diversity and inclusion and her work helps individuals and organisations around the globe challenge the unconscious biases that so often prevent them from attracting and retaining great talent.


Hayley is an outcome-focused leadership and training consultant. Her company, What's Possible Group, is a transformation consultancy that specialises in the human side of business, enabling people to see, experience and do things in a different way. Working across industries, disciplines and continents, Hayley coaches organisations and individuals in heart-centred leadership and in finding the values by which we live, learn and lead.

This event wass generously and proudly supported by our friends at Wayra. Wayra UK is committed to the internationalisation and scalability of UK-based start-ups, including those founded by migrant entrepreneurs and by people from diverse backgrounds.